• The recipe is free,

    the snuggle is real,

    the mission - profound!

    Got a bit of dragon in ya?

    The recipe is free


    The recipe was delivered to me in deep meditation. After careful exploration, experimentation and wonderfully yummy taste tests, it seems only right to share it with the world!

    The snuggle is real

    Delicious is good for your soul!

    The smooth, creamy yummyness is a warm, inviting way to ease into a powerful, intentional, purposeful day, recover from a deep meditation or nourish yourself for a long, inspired, productive day!

    The mission - profound

    Doing good while drinking yummy

    Our dream is to secure the cooperation of coffee emporia everywhere - just one in each state and province, for starters - to make and sell 3 Dragons Coffee to our standards, using their ingredients, and simply forward $1 from every cup sold to our 501c3 charity, Voices For The Voiceless. This helps us support those who protect women, children, animals and our earth, mother hostess.

    So, if you know a cool coffee-shop owner, please introduce us. (vftvglobal@gmail.com)

  • 3 Dragons coffee

    1 cup in the morning, nourished past lunch

    The Recipe:

    10-16 oz. of pure, raw, organic, non-gmo Coconut water

    Brew through your favorite coffee grounds or mix with organic instant

    Blend with:

    1-3 Tsp raw, organic mixed-nut butter

    1-3 tsp raw, organic, coconut-only, mct oil (sensitive tummies: start with 1/2 tspn)

    (Non-Vegan Option: Add 1-3 tsp pure, organic, non-gmo brown butter ghee - from grass fed, tenderly revered cows)(Another VEGAN OPtion: Replace Brown-Butter with 1-3 TSP Raw Tahini Or Almond Oil/Butter)

    yummmmmm and Yay for those Precious cows!